Seeds of all the grass and erosion control species that are best adapted to the different climates and types of soil.

At Dalmau we want our seeds to be full of life. We want them to reflect the results of all the research put into them, making them the best in the market. Buying seeds, buying future.

– Jesús Dalmau Tarazona –

SEMILLAS DALMAU was founded by Jesus Dalmau Tarazona, who has continued a long and well-known dynasty of nursery growers from Valencia since 1845. It was in 1963 when he specialized in the production and distribution of grass and revegetation seeds, obtaining the title of Official Producer n. 42 by the Ministry of Agriculture.


DALMAU has the best varieties in the market as it researches and tests, together with the Polytechnic University of Valencia, all the characteristics and advantages of each one of them, only keeping the most competitive, the ones that best adapt to each climate and type of soil.


With more than 50 years of experience in the sector, DALMAU wishes to put at your disposal all the know-how acquired in order to provide a wide range of solutions when deciding on your turf.


Our team of experts will always assist you in selecting among the different options that best adapt to your needs, without forgetting to respect  the environment, preventing excessive water consumption and favoring the use of saline and waste water.


With proven customer satisfaction, you will always make the best choice with SEMILLAS DALMAU, whether it is turf for sports areas (golf, football or horse-riding),  or for any type of public or private open spaces, or landscape restoration.

DALMAU, together with the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) carries out the adaptation tests for  new varieties, as well as tolerance, salinity, drought tests… of different species and cultivars.

R&D Technical Assessment

Constant research is the reply to the needs of a demanding market, allowing the introduction of new grass varieties and species with high landscape value. These new traits  are tested and studied in  research laboratories and test fields, where the most suited species and varieties  for the determined agroclimatic conditions are selected.

As the Official Producer of Grass Forage seeds by the Ministry of Agriculture, Official Producer of Autochtonous Seeds by the Regional Government of Valencia and member of the International Seed Federation (I.S.F.) and of the European Seed Association (E.S.A.)DALMAU  always  focuses on a significantly higher quality than the minimum required. All the seeds are CERTIFIED and endorsed by analysis certificates. The lots are carefully selected, only taking the ones with the highest levels of purity and germination. And for course, always having the very appreciated “sod quality” lots.