ProScape 12-25-12 All Mineral Starter Fertilizer


Starter fertilizer with high phosphorus content.

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Product Description

  • ProScape® 12-25-12 All Mineral Starter is a high-phosphorus starting fertilizer.
  • Each homogeneous granule contains the same proportion of NPK.
  • The 1: 2: 1 ratio is ideal for the establishment of new seeds or for supplementing soils that are low in phosphorus.
  • Granulometry SGN * 195.

* In Lebanon Turf products the SGN terminology is used to determine the granulometry. Taking the granulometry 80 as an example, it indicates that if we passed the fertilizer through a sieve with a fineness of 0.8 mm, half would pass and the other half would not (median), in a simplified way it is expressed as the granulometry is 0.8 mm.

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