Kikuyu grass (Pennisetum clandestinum)

The so-called kikuyu or thick bermudagrass , subtropical plant which quickly covers the area. The most aggressive of the C4 species in seeds and the one with the lowest latency period. Thick texture and very resistant to salinity, heat and drought. It adapts to any type of soil. Very low maintenance. Seeding in spring and summer at a planting rate of 5gr/m2.


  • Thick bermudagrass. Seeded on its own or mixed, usually with perennial ryegrass.
  • Recommended for: low maintenance public and private gardens, especially suitable for coastal areas and areas near beaches as well as urban gardening in Mediterranean climate, revegetation and erosion control.
  • Resistant to: salinity, drought, wear, diseases… is the C4 species with the highest resistance levels.
  • Maintenance: very low.
  • Sowing: spring and summer.
  • Planting rate: 5-10 g/m2
  • Special characteristics: rough texture but very low water consumption, requiring not much mowing. Becoming latent later than the thin couch grass, and it hardly turns brown in winter. It is not usually overseeded.
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